Best Android Emulator settings

I’m more of an iOS guy however i’d like to test my ionic app on Android. I was wondering if someone can suggest the best emulator settings to use.

I’m only really interested in targeting 4.0+ devices for right now until Ionic is more compatible with older versions.

Thanks in advance.

I just dumped android emulator (for mac) because its very slow and buggy, comparing it to ios simulator… What I did is I bought a ‘cheap’ under 100$ android phone running 4+ android and I use it for testing.

I use a virtual box emulator for android, a lot faster doesn’t crash. This article tells you how to get it set up, pretty straight forward

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Interesting! I didn’t even think that you could run Android as a VM…
For people using Parallels, I see that it offers Android installation… I’m planning to try it soon :smile:


I use GenyMotion, very fast and smooth experience !

Based on VirtualBox

Install Intel® HAXM and configure emulator as show on picture.

@coco_boudard I’ve used GenyMotion before, very good stuff. Thats actually what the VM is based off of. Before they became GenyMotion, their VM were open source and open to the public.

Ok then, always good to know !

Thank for all the replies. I will look at the all the options. I have a Note 3 coming soon for testing not sure if that would be a good starting point or not.

I will look in to the vm options as i do have parallels installed.

You can try genymotion

  1. Set up genymotion
  2. Run genymotion
  3. At the command prompt inside your ionic project type ionic run android

I just trying genymoti and its so slow, how make it faster ?
Ok seems its slow only on my computer :smile:

Don’t worry, :smiley: transitions and scrolling is extremely slow also on my computer. I’m using genymotion + macbook pro

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Oh i see…
I have Pentium Dual-Core 3.06Hz; 6gb RAM
I cant even start it xD
So i just use my mobile device and “ionic run android”.