New crosswalk 1.5.0 and android 5.1.1 are not working

Hey there,

Just created a new ionic start (tabs for example), add the new android 5.1.1 from cordova and then do
cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-crosswalk-webview

The application is not working anymore (the [appname] has stopped)

Any idea for resolving that ?
Do you think it is with the new android version ? or the 1.5.0 crosswalk ?

Thanks !

Any ideas ? Without crosswalk the application is so slow

Still the same with the crosswalk 1.6.0. Nobody has this issue I guess ?

Hmm, not able to replicate this unfortunately.
Have you tried with a blank project?


Yes I also tried with a cordova simple project. It is also happening, thus it is not ionic obviously. I tried reinstalling cordova (v 6.0.0), but it is still the same. I really do not know then…

@mhartington I contacted crosswalk and they are knowing this issue.

One issue is here :

And one of the developer told me : “The stopped working issue was caused by upstream Chromium, please use Crosswalk 18 to test. We will promote Crosswalk 18 from beta to stable soon.”

Hope these helps.

Oh interesting…

Awesome, thanks for looping me in :grin:

@mike, Thanks to @harishgadiya92, we found this : On genymotion device, the splashcreen plugin AND/OR crosswalk plugin are creating the issue.

But on a real device, only the splashscreen plugin is doing it. So, at this moment, just do not use splashscreen plugin on android."In%20Progress"%2C%20Reopened)%20AND%20resolution%20%3D%20Unresolved%20AND%20component%20%3D%20"Plugin%20Splashscreen"%20ORDER%20BY%20priority%20DESC%2C%20summary%20ASC%2C%20updatedDate%20DESC

Thanks again harishgadiya