How do I resolve my slow loading android app (100 sec Loading time)


I adapted the ionic conference app. it stays on the splash screen for more than 100 sec.
i have tried to edit the config.xml
i have removed and re-added crosswork
in fact i have tried almost all the suggestion online about it.
kindly not that it woks perfectly in the browser but has the same issue in the android emulator
please help.


What does it do while it is loading?


I suspect cordova plugin problems. Carefully inspect what plugins you have installed and make sure you don’t have conflicting plugins providing the same functionality. Then remove and readd the android platform.


If you are talking about Crosswalk, the project is not maintained anymore:

Not sure if it’s a good idea to use it.


It remains on the splash screen


I have removed it and I am still having the same issue. Is there a way of downloading older version of Android platforms? I am thinking of trying that out


These are the plugins i have installed:

is there anyone with known performance issue?

I think i should also mention that I am pulling data from three different files. one of which makes a list of about 600 items (it is an hymn book).

I have attempted other alternatives but i have not been able to get it. I would have preferred to use a html file or xml which will allow me to change the format of the text.


Can you post the code that does this loading and a representative sample of what the data in each of these files looks like?