New cordova 5

I see that new cordova is released -
I adds support for crosswalk.

What does it means for ionic?

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Well, I upgraded and rebuilt my app, and much stuff broke, so you 'll need to head over to cordova and read up on the release notes. Particularly about the new whitelist plugin that you’ll need to install to get external internet access working.

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Thanks for that Nik,

I was pulling my hair out,

That’s a day of my life I am not getting back :smile:


To anyone

I’m about to setup a new machine

what is this the right way to install the old stable cordova?

To install 4.3 which works well for me:

npm install -g cordova@4.3
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I’m new to Ionic also pulling my hair out at trying to get cordova plugins to work.

I’m working with the demo app from ngCordova: The camera app works but nothing else seems to work.

Would these updates affect this demo app? Wasn’t able to get clear from the release notes.

With Cordova 5.0.0 you basically need to add the cordova-plugin-whitelist for any network calls to work:

ionic plugin add cordova-plugin-whitelist

What about crosswalk - does new crodova changes something in that topic?

Representatives Ionic please answer. Cordova 5 has many new features…You will describe the work with the new version? I tried it and immediately threw herself into the eyes of a new build - for example when call “ionic build android --release”

Indeed, it would be good to hear some official Ionic statement on Cordova 5.

Creating a new project with ionic start gives warnings like

WARNING: org.apache.cordova.device has been renamed to cordova-plugin-device. You may not be getting the latest version! We suggest you cordova plugin rm org.apache.cordova.device and cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-device.
WARNING: org.apache.cordova.console has been renamed to cordova-plugin-console. You may not be getting the latest version! We suggest you cordova plugin rm org.apache.cordova.console and cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-console.

So plugin names have changed as well. I suppose big changes should not surprise since it is a new major release.

So the crosswalk setup that is provided by cordova does have some problems. I still prefer the our way of setting that up. @jbavari1 would be able to add more to that.

As far as the plugin name changes, yes we are aware of that, and will be pushing a new release of our cli soon.

@mhartington would be nice to include the new whitelist plugin by default in the starter templates, seeing how many people complain about http not working in Android on this forum. There’s a pull request here if it helps.

All merged, its in the master right now so it will be available next release.
If you want to have it now, you can:

  1. clone the repo and cd into it
  2. npm install
  3. npm link to make it available

Awesome, thanks!

To install the latest ionic-cli from master this should also work:

npm install -g driftyco/ionic-cli

I am still having major issues with Setting up cordova/ionic on my MacBook - I have a thread here with more info but essentially I can’t run my app in the iOS Simulator (but its fine on the Android AVD’s)

Any ideas???

Uhm, ionic-cli 1.4.1 has been released but it still generates projects without the whitelist plugin. :disappointed:

Hmm, alright, I’ll let josh know, 1.4.x was a big change, so some things probably got overwritten

There’s a new ionic-app-lib module separate from ionic-cli, and the new plugins were added but then commented out. Unfortunately the commit message doesn’t say why, or when they might be re-added…

I’ll ask @jbavari1 about it today

So, we can work with Corodva 5?