New cordova 5

Anyone else run into iOS 8 issues with this plugin after updating to cordova 5? It just hangs without asking for permissions after the first time it grabs it.

I’m seeing the same behavior. And when you restart the app, it works correctly.

Sadly it’s not really going to work asking end users to do that all the time. Did you find a solution?

Yes the latest version of the Ionic CLI generates projects that work with Cordova 5, including the whitelist plugin etc.

Are you still having issues?

Hey guys,
It’s been some time since June.

Would be grateful to have your experiences regarding Cordova 5.
Who’s using it?

Is the CLI up to date now?


So there’s a lot of confusion with cordova and it’s versions.

Cordova 5x is the cli, so think of that as cordova-cli
All of the various platforms have their own independent versioning.
So cordova-ios is currently at 3.9
Cordova-android is currently at 4.2

Things are really stable in cordova land, so you should be pretty good

Why not clearly inform this on ionic info output ?!

I mean:

cordova CLI: 4.3.1
cordova-android: 4.0.0-dev