New build, successful, old behaviour in Ionic view app

I fixed some errors, changed images in assets, successfully pushed the project to ionic-pro service, and build was successful.
When I try the app after that in the ionic view app, it executes the old project with the same bugs and old images.
Reopening the app doesn’t fix the problem.
Is it some kind of caching?
How can I fix the problem.

You could try the Ionic DevApp. i don’t know if the new ionic pro works with the old ionic view app. In AppStore for iOS there are two entries for ionic view. One hasn’t got updates for 5 month. Check, if you have the updated version.

Here is a description on migrating:

I stated from the new version, no migrations or old versions.
Everything started last month.

Can you remove and add the app inside ionic view and look if it is working then?

Newby mistake. I need to deploy to new build each time I create a new build I guess?