Ionic view - is the new app still in beta?

I have transferred my app to ionic pro and it seems to be ok, it think. I just have a few problems with testing this out on ionic view, and i am not sure if it is something i am doing something wrong or if the product is still in a “testing” phase.

So i push my code up to ionic pro but there seems to be an issue with the last updates information. The code tab says i have a successful build committed to master 18 minutes ago ( which is right ). The dashboard page says that it was last updated 16 hours ago and ionic view says it was updated last month. So i am not sure what is going on there.

I got the first build ( an clean init project ) to build and push through to ionic view with no problems, but now none of the styles for the app are working. It also takes really long to load the app and the shake to give feedback, that does not seem to work. I feel maybe i am missing a step, but i am not sure, i went through the docs. The only major difference with the styles is that i have added @imports and maybe that is breaking it somehow.

Maybe it is my phone , I am on a galaxy A3 Android 5.0.2


So there was actually an issue on the build although the build had completed successfully ( it was an issue with firebase needing promise-polyfill ) and although it worked with ionic serve it did not work with ionic build , however, in ionic pro build section it said that the “Job succeeded” . Which i guess technically did, but, well i should have looked into it a bit more then just assume.

Problem now … The app does not load at all, its just stuck on the loading page

Update Update

So it eventually loaded, not joking when i say it took +10 minutes . So it seems to be working … However now every time i want to view the app i have to wait a very long time (not as long) and god forbid i tap the hardware back button and sent back to main dashboard… i dunno, its just very slow. Slow enough to give me pause and reconsider this hybrid approach

I have the same issue with Ionic view reporting my app updated last month despite this not being true. Ionic Pro doesn’t work for me at all