Nested lists losing click?

I have a nested list and the inner-most items have a click handler. The click handler doesn’t fire when clicked on. If I move the inner list items out to the outer list, they work as expected.

Here’s my code:
<ion-item >
<ion-list no-lines>
<ion-item menuClose *ngFor="#p of validProjects" (click)="openProject(p)">

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I have a custom component (multi-select list) inside ion-input, and it ignores the (click) event for me too. If I use (tap) then is works, but then it doesn’t scroll the page if scrolling starts tapping one of the elements with (tap).
Currently fixed by replacing ion-input with ion-item, which had the same issue but was recently fixed.

It was reported on Github and a fix was pushed. I don’t think it’s made it into the actual released code yet:

Hi, just checked but the pr didn’t make it for alpha.49, you will have to make the fix by hand for now.