Need to show a angular2 site inside Ionic App

Hi, i am new to ionic and evaluating it for my app

80% of the app is written in Angular 2 and i need a login screen in ionic

I need the ability for IONIC 2 to display my web Application as inside the IONIC app and not in the mobile browser

i thought the InAppBrowser would do it but i need help if that is the right component to use. Also i cannot for the life of me make it work :slight_smile:

Can someone please guide me and sample code i can use to get this working.

Thanks in Advance, and i appreciate your help


I might not be understanding you correctly, but if you are trying to get an app distributed by mobile stores (especially Apple’s), my understanding is that they will reject an “app” like this that is just a thin veneer over a website. You need to deliver more functionality. I can’t be more specific without knowing what the “angular 2” app is doing, but I think you should look into Ionic-ifying the rest of it instead of trying to kludge around with InAppBrowser.

i have moved based on your insight to make this into a full ionic POC.

i will try to complete it this way thanks to angular 2 :wink:

Thank you for your help.

Hello Saeed,

Well I probably misunderstand your need, but Ionic is an app builder in itself. When you run in CLI “ionic build android” it creates an apk for Android, same for iOS.

Then you can try to deploy it directly to App Stores, but it’s suicidal. You need to polish your app before and agree several things from Google and Apple.

And you can push & deploy it later. So, did I miss something?