Convert Ionic2 to Angular2 for web

Would there be any advantage to converting an existing Ionic2 app to an Angular2 app for distribution in browsers?
Currently I have an Ionic2 app running on devices and as a pseudo PWA in browsers.
In the browser I am not loading Cordova.
It is a little sluggish loading up.
Would having it as a straight up Angular2 app perform better?
Are there any other advantages?

I believe it would be a good approach to separate the projects, although Ionic uses Angular 2, you would have more control over the layout in a separate environment.

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Iā€™m OK so far with the layout in Ionic2.
Performance and load up are my concerns.
But I did ask for other advantages, so thank you.

@Shepard We are trying to work on the same pattern of keeping same ionic2 backend code to serve the need of our web users using the same app.

You mentioned Pseudo PWA, please elaborate it a little.