How do I display my ionic 2 app as a mobile application

I need to distribute my ionic 2 application for testing purposes. I have opted to simply send the www folder as a zip file and have people run index.html because having testers download the app/ionic view is too much hassle. Is there a way to set the application so that it displays as it would as a mobile application when running in the browser? I could instruct the users to run ctrl+shift+i and then toggle device toolbar however i would prefer to avoid doing this if possible (the less/easier the instructions the better).


Try Ionic View, it’s the simplier way. With Ionic 2 setup, In Ionic CLI, instead of ionic serve you will do:

ionic build android or ios
ionic upload (will ask for login/pass)

Then your app should be ready in Ionic View for testing purposes. You can give access to people if you need from the web interface. They will just need to download the Ionic View app on their own smartphones (available on ios app store and android play store).

Note that for it to work, you must add platform in your project before, aka:

ionic add platform android (for Android)


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