Need some guidelines for ionic services usage


I have built few apps successfully using Ionic 2 now. But I never used Ionic services in any of the apps.

I have gone through the documentation and it seems it will save a lot of time if I use Ionic services mostly package and authentication.

One thing that is keeping me off these services is Authentication

Ionic auth looks cool as it takes care of everything, but I have few doubts.

Now we mostly try keeping our database common for our apps and websites both.

Consider my backend is Firebase or Drupal (Just because I have used this till now)

  • To perform some crud operations, I will have to authenticate my app users with firebase/drupal.

  • Now, How am I suppose to sync these Ionic users and their authentication with my backend like firebase/Drupal?

  • Point is to keep all data/user data common accross all platforms.

Point me in the right direction if anyone can :grimacing:

Links to related articles/blog posts would be helpful ! Thanks