Need Help For Push GCM / FCM (Firebase Google)



We have one application that GCM Phone Gap Push Plugin work’s fine only for Android for IOS it’s crash.

We want use GCM plugin or FCM (we preffer FCM) because Google is moving for it.

We tested the register token for android with GCM and its works. But for IOS not!

Some one, know how to implement PUSH notification with GCM FIREBASE o r FCM FIREBASE
for Android and IOS ?

I need one to help implement it in my APP




I used this plugin for push notifications: cordova-plugin-fcm. It’s wel explained and documented how to use this plugin. And for iOS push notifications you’ll need certificates. On this page you will find the information on how to make these certificates.


Thank you! We ill test it and if solve I will return here. (For information: We found another problem with IOS the server need use IPV6 and IPV4 because the Apple Cloud return some responses and answers in IPV6 and it generate an error. Our node sdk for FCM is under IPV4 only. So on, maybe this is our problem.)