Cross-platform Ionic 3 Push Notification advice sought

Our Ionic 3 application runs on both iOS and Android and incorporates Push Notification handling.

For iOS Push we use APNs and for Android Push we use GCM.

The application uses version 1 of the phonegap-plugin-push plugin - we had to use version 1 because we were using GCM for Android push rather than FCM.

We are now upgrading our Android Push Notifications to FCM so I need to upgrade the application accordingly. I have a couple of questions:

  1. Should I upgrare the push plugin to V2 and use that or should I switch to the cordova-fcm-plugin? If we did that we could just stick with V1 of the original plugin for iOS and use the FCM plugin for Android? Or is the push-plugin a better bet than the FCM plugin anyway? Anyone used both?

  2. Should we start to use FCM for iOS Push Notifications rather than APNs? If so, does that alter the decision of which of the above two plugins would be better?

I notice that the push-plugin updates seem more frequent and more recent than for the fcm plugin (not sure if that’s a good sign or not - maybe the fcm one just works?)

Any advice on any of the above would be appreciated!


I can’t answer your questions :joy:

But if you want to upgrade or are migrating the phone gap-plugin-push from v1 to v2 I was remembering I documented on the forum this all migration process when I did it, so just in case it would be useful to you, here you go: Phonegap Push Plugin 2.0.0 released

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