Confusion using FCM as a push notification service for iOS and Android

I’m pretty confused regarding the ability to use FCM as the push notification service for both iOS and Android. Is this possible with Ionic 1? Are there advantages to using FCM over Ionic Push?

Hi there,

I’m wondering did you find out which was the better option.
Notifications is last thing left on my app and not sure to go with FCM or Ionic Push.
I’m using firebase as the backend for data.
I have never set up notifications before!

I like the other features available on the Ionic cloud platform so this is kind of swaying me with Ionic push.

Appreciate any help.

I ended up using FCM, got it working on iphone and android.
If anyone needs help, ping me.

I am using:
cordova-plugin-fcm 2.1.2 “FCMPlugin”

Hello @nmckeown Can you help me out of this Problem

Hi Deepak,

As per my last update, I got FCM working fine on android and iphone.
I used the cordova pluing:
cordova-plugin-fcm 2.1.2 “FCMPlugin”

I’d recommend using FCM/GCM.

why not you try OneSignal?

I have added this one but my app is not build

@mmckeown Can you help me with an example? please.