Ionic and Vue for a previous Cordova user

I’m a previous Cordova developer. Our initial app used Cordova. We used jQuery as our javascript framework and Ratchet for our UI components. We wrote our own Router and View classes.

Now we’re looking at building a 2nd app. I’m really interested in using Vue along with Ionic (and I assume Capacitor).

How mature is this? Would it be unwise to try and start building a production app with this just yet (assuming an early release next year)?

Doug Davies

Wow, I real live Ratchet user…maybe you were one of the three people how watched my course.

Vue integration is still early, so you might encounter some bumps. Cordova is still an option, but Capacitor is maturing nicely as well. All depends on your timelines. How big of an app, when is it due, etc?

Maybe test out a few screens to see if it is where you need it to be.

Good luck!

Hahah… no I never stumbled across the Lynda presentation, but I’ll check it out. I posted this question

in another section after playing around a bit. Still seemed very much in it’s infancy. I also played around with NativeScript + Vue, but the drawback there is having to support 2 different ui templates (on for web and one for mobile). Seems like that would make testing hard, as I would have to test in a simulator. Bleh.

I think retired that course.

best stuff I have seen so far is here

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