Navigator.notification.vibrate undefined is not an object

Not sure how this happened, but I am unable to run my application on any devices. I use vibration to give some feedback to certain actions. I have had vibration working for quite some time, and after that I installed ‘background geolocation’ and the ‘camera’ plugin. Both from ngCordova.

Now for some reason, whenever I include ‘$cordovaVibration’ I get 'undefined is not an object (evaluating ‘navigator.notification.vibrate’) ’

I followed the debugger, and in ‘ngCordova.js’ when I am on any device, (ios emulator, or nexus 5 phone) the ‘navigator.notification’ variable is undefined. Which causes the app to break.

I am not even sure how to debug this. Ay help would be greatly appreciated… <3

Also, on trying to completely take out vibration, so I could at least work on something else, I am getting major caching of my javascript files.

I have uninstalled vibration. Taken it out of my code, and removed both ios and android platforms, then reinstalled them. When I run ionic run android or ios, I still get the same code that has the vibration still in it… What is going on?