Error with navigator object

Hi all , i’m new in ionic forum and i decide to create this topic to solve a problem with i’m stuck for 2 weeks.

I have the following :

  • Visual Studio Android Emulator
  • Ionic 1 project created with the tabs pattern.

I’m trying to use the ngCordova contacts module ( $cordovaContacts ) to retrieve the phone numbers of the contacts. The problem is that there is an error with the “navigator” object. I found that there is not possible to acces the fields of these object ( functions , app , contacts , splashscreen ) so when i call to $cordovaContacts.find(…) it shows the error : “Can not find property find of undefined” . I invested some time debugging and when i use :
The console shows:
[object Object]
services.js (21,15)
_ {_
_ [functions]: ,_
_ proto: { },_
_ app: { },_
_ contacts: { },_
_ splashscreen: { }_
_ }_

But when i print navigator.contacts object it shows undefined

I also tried to use navigator.CordovaNavigator but is also undefined.

This code is called when loading controllers.

I have no idea why it shows that navigator has an atribute contacts and then when i call it it shows UNDEFINED . Maybe i need to stablish some acces rights ??.

I’m really lost so anything you tell me will help. Thanks a lot.