ngCordova navigator issues


I’ve been having issues with ngCordova plugins.
When calling $cordovaSplashscreen.hide();
I’m getting an error in the ngCordova file.
.factory(’$cordovaSplashscreen’, [ function () {

return {
  hide: function () {
    return navigator.splashscreen.hide();

  show: function () {

uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘hide’ of undefined

I have everything set up on a linux server. I use phonegap serve to test the app on my nexus 5. Sometimes the navigator functions work, some times they don’t. I’m also having the same issues with $window and device.
If anyone has any advice or any suggestions, please let me know.



for “uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘hide’ of undefined”


Same problem here!


same issue +1! anyone?


Having the same issue as well, did anyone solved this?


same issue, did anyone solved this?


I have same problem after update ngCordova and Ionic for fix iOS9 compatibility.
Any ideas about resolve this problem?


Having the same problem when testing using Karma/ng-describe.