doesn't call success handler


Hi Team,
Am stuck on this issue for the whole day. I referred some similar posts in this forum but that didn’t help me to resolve the issue.
I am using for taking pictrues. The success and error call back is not getting called most of the time. I have installed cordova camera plugin
I am using
ionic 1.2.8 0.3.3 “Camera”

Shown below is the code I use.

  $scope.takePicture =  function takePicture()	{
	var success = function onSuccess (FILE_URI){
		console.log("something" + FILE_URI)
        $rootScope.picData = FILE_URI;

	var error = function onError ()	{
            console.log("Taking picture");,error,{
                quality: 50,


Please help. Why no replies to this post?