Navigator.camara.getpicture error



When i use it , i receive:
TypeError: Cannot call method ‘getPicture’ of undefined
at Scope.$scope.getpicture (http://localhost:8888/prueba/app.js:19:24)
at http://localhost:8888/prueba/js/ionic.bundle.js:17182:21
at http://localhost:8888/prueba/js/ionic.bundle.js:33774:11
at Scope.$eval (http://localhost:8888/prueba/js/ionic.bundle.js:18939:28)
at Scope.$apply (http://localhost:8888/prueba/js/ionic.bundle.js:19039:23)
at HTMLButtonElement. (http://localhost:8888/prueba/js/ionic.bundle.js:33773:15)
at http://localhost:8888/prueba/js/ionic.bundle.js:9578:10
at forEach (http://localhost:8888/prueba/js/ionic.bundle.js:7272:20)
at HTMLButtonElement.eventHandler (http://localhost:8888/prueba/js/ionic.bundle.js:9577:5)
at Object.ionic.tapElement (http://localhost:8888/prueba/js/ionic.bundle.js:2108:9)

What´s the problem? When i use navigator.geolocation.getCurrentPosition works fine.



have you add the camera plugin via cordova cli?

Display selected from image gallery

No. Where can i download? But it would work in chrome?


[Offtopic] not working

If you’re still having trouble, it could be the title of the thread has a typo, which could be the cause of your troubles if it were a cut&paste problem


instead of: