Animations flicker when changing from one view to other in latest release


animations flicker when changing from one view to other in latest release


What platform are you using? iOS or Android and what version


iOS 7.1.1 and v1.0.0-beta.6 “darmstadtium-dingo”


Can you try the nightly builds? We did some work in the animation since beta 6.


I’m looking into this. Not sure what happened but it might have been related to the backface visibility changes we made recently.


I have same issue in Beta 13. When I navigate from one view to another, it shows content of previous view for about half a second but it’s noticeable on iPad.
I have already add below code in my css when i got brief black screen during the navigation but now I get previous screen contents for a while before loading complete content of next view.

ion-nav-view {
  background-color: transparent;

Is anyone having a similar issue or solution?


I have a similar issue on a Nexus 10 with the latest build.

I’d estimate that the transition actually doesn’t take any more elapsed time end-to-end, but only a couple of intermediate frames are show and this results in a very jerky appearance. I don’t see this behaviour on smaller / less powerful devices, and I don’t see it in image slideshow style behaviour on the same device.