Navigating from detail page to detail page has bad transition

reproduced here:

Assume you’re on a detail page, e.g, users/12. Now assume that at the bottom of that page is a “next user” button that links to users/13 (another user detail page). If the original user/12 page has enough content that you have to scroll to see the “next user button”, when it is clicked, the animated transition to users/13 that Ionic creates is awkward.

There is a temporary (100s of ms) moment when the users/12 page scrolls back up to the top before the new users/13 page fades in and does its “slide up” animation. I think the behavior should be the original detail page (in this case users/12) shouldn’t do any scrolling; the new detail page should just fade in and slide up.

[edit] In addition, the newly routed detail page, e.g. users/13 keeps the same scroll position as the previous one, where it should probably get the scroll reset to the top once it transitions in