How to show parent page when user slide from left from a detail page?

Usually in a native app when you are on a detail page and you slide from the left side you can see a preview of the previous page from which you were coming.

I’ve just created an app from scratch from the list starter template but when I go into the list detail and I try to emulate the slide gesture the transition not used.

What am I missing? It’s not implemented by default? How can I enable it?

Here’s how to reproduce it:

I’ve done this

ionic start ionic-list list --type=react --capacitor
cd ionic-list
npm run build
ionic capacitor add ios
ionic cap run ios -l --external

then I’ve tested it on both the iPhone 12 emulator and a real iPhone 12 and on both when I slide back from the detail to the main view I was not seeing the native iOS transition I would expect

Here’s the video showing the problem: Dropbox - ionic-list transition not - Simplify your life

How are you navigating to the next Page?

Also make sure swipeBackEnabled is enabled in Config

yes I’ve done this in the index.tsx

  animated: true,
  swipeBackEnabled: true

and I still have the problem

And how are u navigating?

what do you mean? If you want to replicate the issue you can just follow the attached set of commands.