Navbar height different from Android default

I was wondering, why is the default navbar height in Ionic different (smaller) than the default of Android? Is there a way to make it the same height? I know you can change the size in pixels, but I’m guessing the toolbar height on native Android apps is different depending on the device.

I agree – this bugs me too. Anyone have a fix? It reduces the apparent quality of the app, IMO, at least on first impressions.

I hastily tried editing some CSS a little while ago but couldn’t get very far.

As far as i know there only a way to do this with styling your css:

.platform-android .bar-header {
   height: 70px; 

Now your header title is not aligned properly so change the line height:

.platform-android .bar-header .title {
   line-height: 70px;

And the content of the page has to be a tad smaller

.platform-android .has-header {
   top: 70px;