Beta14 ion-nav-bar style attributes or classes


Hey there,

nice work with your update.

But in my app some style data come out of the database.
So i set the navbar-background with ng-style to that color.
The problem ist that now, the navbar has height 0 and only the headerbar is shown.

Any suggestions for that?

Greets, bengtler.


you could give a min-height


Yeah but there should be a reason ionic team did this.
I am using simple headerbar instead of nav-bar, now.

And did anyone tried to load $ionicConfigProvider? I get unknown provider


Hey @bengtler

Can you explain a bit more? Maybe provide a codepen?

Also, how are you using $ionicConfigProvider? In your .config method?


My fault sry @mhartington

The provider was accidently loaded in the .run method.