Nav bar height bug in IOS - Ionic beta 13


Since I updated to the latest beta 13 version, my nav bar in iOS has too much height.

Am I doing something wrong? How can I fix it?

In Android devices works well.



Hello, my step me something with some menus and I had to do, after trying all, was to modify the css of ionic.


So this looks like you’re targeting ios 6? If so, we’re dropped support for ios6, as apple requires all apps to be built for ios7 and up now.


No, actually I’m targeting iOS7+ and Android…It was all fine, until I upgraded to beta13…Is there any way to fix it?
Should I edit the css?


isn’t this the problem you are not using the statusbar plugin?
or do you not want to use it?

im using it and in code i call: StatusBar.overlaysWebView(true);
so the extra padding your having will be on the statusbar.

or if you don’t want using Statusbar, add class fullscreen to body tag.


Thanks very much!!..I want the status bar of the phone to be visible, but I want the status bar of the application smaller in height…

Adding the class fullscreen to the body, seems to correct the problem…
(though I don’t understanding why…)
but the phone status bar is disappeared!!! (not in the screenshot, but in the final build)

How can I have the normal application status bar height and -in the same time- the status bar of the phone visible?

Thanks for help!!!


did you add the Statusbar plugin to your app?
if so set it to this: StatusBar.overlaysWebView(true); and then remove fullscreen class
-> statusbar will now have same color as your header.

or remove the statusbar plugin then add fullscreen
both should work.

in what simulator are you looking? ios native simulator?


The Statusbar plugin doesn’t work (or I make some mistake using it).

remove the statusbar plugin then add fullscreen

It works, but the phone’s status bar dissapears

I’m using Intel’s APP preview and XDK



okey i don’t know what the intels APP preview does with plugins(using Appbuilder from Telerik). most likely ignore it.
so you can’t trust the simulator!

then do the following:
Add the plugin, and in the platform.ready method call StatusBar.overlaysWebView(true); (without fullscreen)
this should do it (i do the same with my app and this works)