Nav back button disappear in ionic 1.3.1 (bug?)


My case is simple. Using ionic 1.3.1, create tabs seed project, and add a subpage called dash-detail nested in tab-dash, add a button in tab-dash that when click $state.go(‘tab.dash-detail’).

Now following steps: chats tab; the first item go to Ben Sparrow page; (everything goes fine) nav-back-button go back to chats page; status tab; new added button go to dash-detail page; nav-back-button go back to dashboard;
7.again click chats tab;
8.again click the first item go to Ben Sparrow page; (nav-back-button is gone! sad)

I did a little dig into ionic.bundle.js, when step 7, line 54081 removes backViewId of dash-detail so that in step 8 nav-back-button not shown. In ionic 1.1.0, there’s no such code and everything goes fine. Is it a bug or I should fix my code? Please help!

// if switching to a different history, and the history of the view we're switching
        // to has an existing back view from a different history than itself, then
        // it's back view would be better represented using the current view as its back view
        tmp = getViewById(switchToView.backViewId);
        if (tmp && switchToView.historyId !== tmp.historyId) {
          // the new view is being removed from it's old position in the history and being placed at the top,
          // so we need to update any views that reference it as a backview, otherwise there will be infinitely loops
          var viewIds = Object.keys(viewHistory.views);
          viewIds.forEach(function(viewId) {
            var view = viewHistory.views[viewId];
            if ( view.backViewId === switchToView.viewId ) {
              view.backViewId = null;

          hist.stack[hist.cursor].backViewId = currentView.viewId;

I also have experienced this issue.

Yup me too. +1 for this. I guess 1.x is not supported anymore. Im slowly porting my app to React.