Bug in Tab Navigation - (back button not visible)

Hi all,

in the current ionic verion 1.3.1 the back navigation seems to be broken.
The back button is not visible on subpages of an tab after some navigation steps.

The bug is replicable with the following steps:

CodePen 1.3.1

  1. click button “Scientific Facts

  2. click back button “< Home

  3. click tab “About

  4. click button “Tabs Nav Stack

  5. click back button “< About

  6. click tab “Home

  7. click button “Scientific Facts

  8. click back button “< Home

  9. click tab “About

  10. click button “Tabs Nav Stack

>>> BUG: Back Buttton “< About” is not shown!

With version 1.3.0 the back button “< About” is shown correctly:

CodePen 1.3.0

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I’ve got the same error here.

same problem, how’s going?

This is the current github issue.
Sadly without any Solutions from the ionic team.