NativeStorage not found

I noticed there’s something new in Ionic Native. A new plugin called NativeStorage:

I installed but I cannot import it.

I get the following compilation error:

TypeScript error: E:/Ionic2/ionic-teste-1/app/pages/push/push.ts(4,9): Error TS2 305: Module ‘“E:/Ionic2/ionic-teste-1/node_modules/ionic-native/dist/index”’ has no exported member ‘NativeStorage’.
TypeScript error: app/app.ts(6,9): Error TS2305: Module ‘“E:/Ionic2/ionic-teste- 1/node_modules/ionic-native/dist/index”’ has no exported member ‘NativeStorage’.

Why is this heppening and how could I solve this so I cant test NativeStorage?

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I’ve same problem, please help ya!

What version of Ionic Native are you using?

The Native Storage plugin was only added in version 1.3.5 which was released 3 days ago. Make sure you have latest version by running npm i --save ionic-native@latest


Ionic Native version is 1.3.2. I will update it later.

It works after update to the latest version of ionic-native