NativeStorage getting error plugin_not_installed

Here is my code, the plugin has been installed.

nativeStorage() {

  NativeStorage.setItem('email', "")
      () => console.log('Stored item!'),
      error => alert('Error storing item ' + error)

      data => this.nativeMessage = data,
      error => alert(error)


When I run the app in browser, It works fine
ionic run browser

When I run the app in the Ionic View app
ionic upload
I get the error plugin_not_installed

When I compile it with Ionic Package and install it on my iPhone, I get the same error, plugin_not_installed.

What am I doing wrong?

Thank you in advanced.

Native Storage is not one of the supported plugins of Ionic View:

Thank you for the response, that explains Ionic View, do you have an idea why when it is installed on my iPhone I am getting the same error?

No, sorry.

Why are you using Native Storage and not Ionic Storage? It’s much less error prone from what I read here in other posts:

Ok thank you, I did no know Ionic Storage is a better option. Ill try it out tonight.

Ok I was able to get that to work on Ionic View and my iPhone.
One thing to note is that I was getting the same error plugin_not_installed on other plugins Contacts and SocialShare. I had to add them to my app.module.ts providers. In the docs it does not say to do that.

Great that it is working now!

You skipped a part of the docs: (Many people make that mistake)