SecureStorage not found!

You have to update your docs, you have here: SecureStorage usage that one has to do “import { SecureStorage } from 'ionic-native';” but the class name is not SecureStorage, it is ‘NativeStorage’, so it would be “import { NativeStorage } from 'ionic-native';”, and in order to use this api, ionic-native version has to be 1.3.5 or greater as @ihadeed indicates here: NativeStorage not found

UPDATE: SecureStorage and NativeStorage are different plugins, my bad there :sweat_smile:, but still, updating ‘ionic-native’ as @ihadeed indicates in the link i added, solved it!

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NativeStorage is another plugin. You need SecureStorage. Maybe it isn’t in version yet.

SecureStorage must be something different from NativeStorage. The difference seems to be SecureStorage stores cryptographed data.

This answer solved my problem with NativeStorage, but perhaps it will solve your problem with SecureStorage:

Also note that you must restart ionic serve/run so that the plugin takes effect after install it.

yes, after updating ionic-native i noticed that SecureStorage and NativeStorage were added to ‘ionic-native’ both, Thanks.

yep, i added the link to that answer on my post, updating ‘ionic-native’ solved the issue, SecureStorage is another plugin. Thanks.