Native screens inside ionic framework


I will use ionic framework for my current project but i also want to use native coded screens in the app. But my concern is managing the navigation of the application. Becasuse if i run ionic screens in a web view, the web view will be closed when the user touches back button. But the expected behaviour is sometimes redirecting back the ionic screen in the webview, not the webview itself.

Shortly, how can i manage navigation of an app with both native screens and ionic screens?

Thanks in advance…


Any help appreciated ?


From experience, its not a easy thing to do. At that point you might as well do a native app if you multiple native views.

There’s a lot of native logic that is needed to make the cordova view and native view communicate.


So you are trying to say, whenever the user enters a web view in your app, you have to show up Ionic? Right?


Can you do this? Have never tried it though.