Native UI in Capacitor App


I want to add Side Navigation Drawer to my App as an Native UI not with the HTML code.
Please tell the possible ways to do that.


I have tried the same thing in Android , but unable to change the UI

Preferred Solution

Their is a method name called load()

private void load() {
       getApplication().setTheme(getResources().getIdentifier("AppTheme_NoActionBar", "style", getPackageName()));
       setTheme(getResources().getIdentifier("AppTheme_NoActionBar", "style", getPackageName()));

       Logger.debug("Starting BridgeActivity");

       bridge = bridgeBuilder.addPlugins(initialPlugins).setConfig(config).create();

       this.keepRunning = bridge.shouldKeepRunning();


It is a private method, if somehow i can change the setContentView in this code i can able to add custom UI to Android App


If not possible, please suggest me other Alternatives to use Native UI for Side Navigation Drawer & HTML code both at same time

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