My react js - ionic - firebase ios app isn't working with the firebase services


Sorry about the confusing title.
I’m having some trouble converting my react.js app to iOS using Ionic Capacitor.

So I’ve been developing a booking portal for a client using react.js for the past months, and now he wants push notifications instead of email notifications. Due to apple being apple, this doesn’t work with the PWA downloadable version of the web app, and after snooping around a little, I thought Ionic would be a good choice (I still do). The problem I’m having is that after using the ionic capacitor add ios and syncing and everything, the iOS app at runtime doesn’t seem to connect to firebase at all.

As you can see from this screenshot, the app connects to the internet (the dicebear avatar has loaded successfully), but it’s not showing an auth screen (should be shown when currentuser is null) indicating the auth listener isn’t working.

Considering I’ve found no earlier issues on this topic on development forums, I presume I’m doing something wrong. Does anyone know what resources I should check out to get a better understanding on how to accomplish what I’m attempting?