Payment Gateway Suggestions

Hi All,

I am building an Ionic 2 app, and want to integrate a payment gateway.


  • needs to be able to send and receive payments to/from major credit and debit cards and PayPal.

Much like how Uber allows payments to be sent and received.

Please can anyone advise what good plugins are available.


I’m a big Stripe fan. Haven’t used it with Ionic, but have with Angular.

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Thanks. Stripe look really good. My issue is that I am first piloting my app in South Africa and Stripe does not cover SA. So I will use PayFast for SA and Stripe for other countries.

hi RichardMarais, i’m currently trying to implement payfast with my Ionic app. i create my own API using .Net, how exactly are you communicating with payfast? Do you have an API that connects to payfast?

Hope this makes sense

Hi. I ended up rather using a different business model, using in app purchases.

I found there were too many complexities around using a payment gateway. So sorry, cannot really help.

I was looking for users to make payments to other users. This means that each user needs a suitable account, which did not really suit my app.

If you are just looking to do something like a shipping cart, where users pay your account, then a payment gateway is the way to go.

PayPal does also support SA. But have a look at their rates. Also look into if they do the conflict resolution.