My application not work on android 4.4.x, is that normal?


as a title, I’m going to publish new application for people but there is a small problem when I test it on android 4.4.x

the application reached the first page of application, when I click on menu or username input field the screen show as white.

So is this a normal problem or I need to fix my codes ?
If normal, Is there any recommended steps to make my app supported on an old devices ?

You could install Crosswalk. But the general advice is not to spend much effort on those devices.

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Can u learn me how to install this “crosswalk” ?

Because today the application crash on my friend device (his mobile is new)

Best thing for you is to install an Android Simulator and test your App on this Simulator. With ADB LogCat you then can log the Error which causes your Application to stop.

In this forum post are many Tutorials and Discussions on how to log errors with Simulator and ADB:

PS: No its not normal. My Apps working on 4.4.x Android.

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