My App size becomes 26mb due to 24mb image folder?

My app size after build with command
ionic cordova build android --prod
becomes 26mb due to 24mb image folder

so how to reduce app size

please help me

you can make thumbnail image or reduce size of image by rasterized it

Hello, @hirenkorat3

I don’t know how to rasterized?

and i already compressed image size from 60mb to 24mb

if your image is static then make svg format of it and then use direct in html

Hello, @hirenkorat3

yes you are right

but i don’t know how to use svg image file in html tag?

you can convert your image to svg online
there is lots of online tools available

try this

after converting jpg to svg online

see differnce in screen shots

first is svg and sceond is jpg

svg format used for icon only not for vectoir image!!


but i have 125 image

so how to reduce it file size

because already i compressed all images

you add all those image to assets folder ?

if you want to display image with big size then save it in your server and just give src path url to img tag.

You can start by using this:

i did with this website

you can use to compress large images to smaller…

Your solution is valid

but suppose server down or net speed is slow it takes too much time to load images

i did with this website

then you can save thumbnail image of it and save it.

in given tutorial it takes image from camera ?

but i don’t know use of thumbnail image

can you explain me?

thumbnail is nothing but just small display image of original with least size

:grin:have you use whatsapp ?