Reducing size of ionic based project... (IPA, APK, ect.)



I’ve created an ionic application that I want to release to both the iTunes and Google Play store. However, my build is still clocking in at over 80MB’s. Is there an easy way to reduce the file size so that it would be able to be downloaded using the devices network of choice. It has to be under 50MB’s for the iTunes store.

How can I get the file size reduced?



How did you even get it this big?

You can minify all your javascript and css files. You really need to only include your minified files in your www folder, the rest shouldn’t be used in production app and shouldn’t be included in the production release… This probably helps very much already :smile:


How can I get the file size reduced?

Depends on what is taking up all the space! Have you checked your source files? Who knows you might be using lots of large images in your app that take up all the space, which means you’ll want to simply do image compression like, or come up with some clever way to reuse images so you don’t need as many. Really we have no clue how to help if we don’t know what is causing the problem.