Ionic png vs svg - recommendation?

What is recommended for performance, lets say file size is the same and quality does not matter?

I would guess PNG, because it’s far simpler to render.

Hi that’s very interesting, could you elaborate or provide a source?

Here’s what Google has to say on the subject. The money quote:

The initial loading of a vector drawable can cost more CPU cycles than the corresponding raster image. Afterward, memory use and performance are similar between the two. We recommend that you limit a vector image to a maximum of 200 x 200 dp; otherwise, it can take too long to draw.

I don’t know what the situation is with iOS.

Apple Developer recommends as do the Android Docs to avoid SVG at all costs. However - I am seeing Ionic Ionicons have no performance issues. They are basically SVG - no? Can somebody please chime in and provide some insight on this topic?

They’re also small and relatively simple.

Aren’t Ionicons a icon font (for now - think this might change soon)?

I worked in an app using SVG all the time… Testing the app in iPhone always… When the client bring to me an Android, SVG’s files explode the Android… I had to change any SVG file to PNG. The world isn’t ready to SVG’s file yet.