Way to run Ionic app Faster on Device

HI Is there any way to make ionic app faster on device like it runs in the browser?

There are many possible ways to speed up a Ionic Application:

I recommend to reduce the amount of watchers. Each ng-show, ng-hide, ng-style and so on result in a$watch()-Function which is called in every digest cycle of Angular.

Another hint is to use one-way-databinding instead of two-way-databinding. Especially where data is not updated in your view. By using {{name}} the name-variable gets updated in every digestcycle, because even a {{}}-operator result in a > $watch()-function.
If the name will not change during the app runtime you should use {{::name}} to force the variable name is loaded the first time only.

Third thing is to avoid AngularJS and ionic-Code generally. To many dependency injections and plugins slow down your application. Use plain JavaScript as often you can!