Ionic App has bad performance and is slow in some devices

I have an Ionic5 App with Angular 12 and I add lazy loading to the pages and components, implemented infinite scroll, virtual scroll and other best practices.

But, in some android devices (e.g. Samsung A52 with last version of Android WebView) the performance and user interaction (e.g. change page) is very slow.
The performance get worse when I add more html elements in DOM. For example, if I use ion-tabs component, the app crashes frequently with ANR (Application Not Responding).

I try to install anothers ionic apps from Playstore and I have always the same situation.

Do you know what is happen? Is it a framework problem?


Hi @omnisecret,

you should disable ChangeDetection and use BehaviorSubjects. This increased the performance of my apps :slight_smile:

Hi, what do you mean with disable ChangeDetection?