Android applicationId does not change


I have an issue with the android applicationId of two projects:

I uploaded to Google Play an app and everything worked perfectly. I’m trying to upload a second one and I’m stuck where I have to upload the apk. For some reason, Google Play tells me that I have the same package name from the previous one.

In config.xml and manifesto.xml, the applicationId is the one I want to - different from the app 1.

I looked for the string inside all my folders in my project and there are no coincidences with the applicationId from the app 1.

However, if I open Xcode, the bundleId is the one I want to. Don’t know what is happening. I’m start of thinking that somehow, the key is overriding the id from the app1 to the app2, but it’s just a guess.

The jarsigner -verbose -sigalg gets the .apk to be in the same folder as the app1.

Thank you.