Multiple Value-- Checkboxes. to sensitive on IOS?

Seeing if anybody has seen this issue.

Have a Multi-Select Box.

On an iPhone (7) just scrolling through the list selects different items.
If I just scroll up and down, after a couple of times I have 4-5 items selected.

This doesn’t seem to happen on the Android side.
If I scroll slower, it doesn’t seem to happen (as much). If I go really slow then more get selected (I kind of see that).

Anybody else seen this and/or know of a fix?

Can you please share a repo showing this issue?

I haven’t tried it yet. In theory using this example.

I would double the items for the multi-select data.
Build to an Iphone.
I’m not sure when I will get time to try this.

I was trying to upload a gif. (Ios 11 lets you record the screen, just converted that to a gif) I guess I could have just posted the video.

Here is the gif

As you can see I’m just scrolling up and down (doesn’t record the taps on the screen).
As I scroll items are getting checked even though I’m not specifically selecting them.
I try it a couple of times scrolling at a slower speed.

I am just using my right thumb, maybe my thumb is bigger and that is causing the problem.

I’m surprised nobody has noticed this before?

Not sure how to get this fixed? Is there some way to submit a bug report or something?

Plan B was to maybe try to build our own multi-select box. I think the first idea was a Modal popup. I don’t think I can pass data back from the Modal to the page that called it? Data seems to only go one way. From Parent to Child, not from child back to parent?

Plan C is use an Alert with HTML?

You can in fact pass data back to the page that presents a modal. You need to assign the modal an onDidDismiss param, and pass it from the modal’s ViewController dismiss.

Before you present the modal

let modal = this.modalCtrl.create(‘ModalPage’);
modal.onDidDismiss((data: string) => console.log(data));

From the modal View

let data: string = ‘the data’;

You don’t necessarily have to assign a Type to data, I just happen to Type everything habitually.