How to use select multiple?


How may I use a select box which allows multiple options to be selected together with ionic?

The idea is creating a tag-like input field with a fix preselection possibility where multiple items can be added on the iPad.

Unfortunately I’m not able to find any documentation for this.


<select multiple="multiple">
    <option value="1">A</option>
    <option value="2">B</option>


Have you considered just using checkboxes? Can you give a screenshot or sketch of what you are trying to achieve?


Hi Calendee

I think I had the same idea as you - I’ve now used a modal window containing several checkboxes. Maybe it does make any sense to add this behaviour as an Ionic directive for select multiples?


I’m not really sure if select multiple is a very good paradigm on mobile. However, I can see that it would make life easier to have it as it is standard on desktop and APIs are able to handle forms with multiple.

Why don’t you open a feature request on GitHub?


See my new directive! :smiley:

Happy Coding :wink:

Regards, Nicholls


Thank you Nicholls,

using your code add some configurations and properties for flexibility, take a look

Happy coding and happy new year.


Gracias ! me has salvado la vida. :sonrojo: