Multiple buttons like `ion-delete-button` possible?

I was wondering if it is possible to add multiple buttons similar to <ion-delete-button>

I have a list which needs to be re-ordered. User can add new list and also delete or edit it.

When “Ändra” is clicked the two buttons (delete and edit) should appear and reorder should disappear.

The question is is this really possible with the existing directives?
I found only ion-delete-button directive. I have tried using it twice with different icons but it shows only one.

    <ion-delete-button class="ion-minus-circled" ng-click="delete($index)"></ion-delete-button>
    <ion-delete-button class="ion-edit-circled" ng-click="edit($index)">Edit</ion-delete-button>

Thanks in advance for your voice.

You could if you adjust the positioning and css for the animation.

Though this type of multiple buttons are really what the ion-option-button is for, which lets the use swipe to reveal them