List reorder and delete at the same time


is it possible to have the delete icon and the reorder one at the same time ?
In this sample : entering the delete mode hides the reorder one.
I would rather have the arrow icon hidden and the option to reorder.

Also, if you don’t set ‘option-buttons’ in the ion-list directive (I don’t need them), reordering stop working.
Is this a bug or the expected behavior ?

Thanks !

Are you setting the can-reorder on the List or the Items?

I tried both…
on the sample above the problem is that once you enter delete mode the list swipes to the right so the re-order handle becomes hidden.
Ideally I’d like a “normal mode” with just the list items, and an “edit mode” with the possibility to delete/reorder

I see what you mean. I’ve tried lots of ways to get the reorder to stay in place.

see :

As for the option buttons, I just did this:


LOL : I already have an issue open on this :

Great to know an issue is open about this.
As for option-buttons="[]" required for reordering, it took me a while to get work because of this unintuitive requirement…
Maybe we should fill an issue or at least mention it in the docs ?
Thanks Calendee !

Actually, the nightlies no longer use the same option-buttons syntax any more