How to create a list with delete buttons

There is a tutorial which demonstrates how to add delete button next to each item in a list. It also shows how to add reorder handles next to each item.

The tutorial though, belongs to version 1. I wonder if there is a built-in component in newer versions of ionic which helps to achieve this. Any advice would be appreciated.

I didn’t click your link, but sure, I’ve build a list with delete buttons myself. There are several ways to do it.

You mean there is no built-in way to do that?

You mean with Ionic creator? I’ve never used it, and don’t know. But if that’s what you’re asking, you might want to change the category of your post.

No, you are misunderstanding the question. I mean with the already provided components without using ionic creator.

The concept of “list” and what “delete” means makes this tremendously difficult to generalize in order to make it a built-in feature, so no there isn’t. It’s pretty simple to implement in most situations using ngFor.