Most successful Ionic apps to convince the "native > all" crowd

Hi, I am trying to convince a few clients to give this a shot, and they are asking for sample apps that are actually commercially successful. The ones I am aware of is Sworkit, Mallzee, and Chefsteps, all three have got funding, I think a million a piece. The apps themselves have rather limited downloads however.

Are there other successful apps with Ionic? A top of the chart hero app would really help us to convince our clients. Or something with over a million downloads.

There are still a lot of “you must go native” folks out there.

you should bring arguments like:
phonespeed increased xxx in the last two years, at the end of the year there is angularjs 2.0 with hopefully full shadowdom functionality.

If others need to rebuild their native apps for the current phone versions… you are setting there relaxing and laughing about you need to change many things and your apps get faster and faster ;).

We gave you a passable android app… and according to that also a ios app…
Think in money ;). clients love money…

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But “killer” apps will be good in perspective)))