Native apps grows faster on Play Store?


I would like to start an discussion about how our apps (cordova/ionic) are being underrated by Google on its Play Store. Of course I am not sure about that, but I have feelings that my Cordova/Ionic apps have problem to grown on store. Some of then get many downloads, but suddely it stop growing.

I develop with Ionic since its begining and I have done some good jobs with it. Performance, usability and good interface are on my concern. Even if apps is well done, its seens many poor native apps grow faster then it.

I am from brazil and almost 50% of users uses Android below 4.4 wicth is not so good to html5 apps. Maybe this is the case and on Play Store, this apps get lower positions.

If I use crosswalk, app size goes more then 20mb. Users dont like to install big apps because of the poor device space. I have many users talking about that on comments.

NativeScript, TabrisJS or Titanium could be a solution, but what if go native will be better. What you guys think about that?

Maybe html5 apps will be better valued on future, when devices, memory, space and webview will be better too.